Liveaboard routes

Route OverviewOur 6 main liveaboard routes. If you hire us by full charter, we can take your special wishes into account.

North routes

The North liveaboard route or wreck tour starts from Hurghada to go North till the entry of the gulf of Suez where the wrecks like Thislegorm and Dunraven are. A visit of the Ras Mohamed marine park will be on the program. On the way North and and the way back you will visit all the best dive sites of Hurghada like careless reef and small Giftun Isl.

Safaga area

Safaga liveaboard route
60km South of Hurghada the quality of diving increases already. This liveaboard route has the advantage of being in a protected area and for this reason can offer easy conditions for less experienced divers who will be diving top dive sites like Salem Express wreck; Panorama reef etc.

The Brothers Island

The Brother Islands, the tops of two undersea mountains rising from the depth, are located about 50 nautical miles off-shore, near the town of Quseir. Part of the Marine Park, they offer breathtaking underwater scenery, wall diving along their whole perimeter and the possibility to spot a wide variety of pelagics.
Their walls are covered in soft corals of all colours, black corals and forests of fan corals creating a true feast for the eyes. Big tuna, shoals of jack fish and snappers cruise in the blue accompanied by hammerhead, grey reef, silver-tip, silky and oceanic white-tip sharks and mantas.
The Longimanus shark, an oceanic species, circles the walls of the Brothers on a regular basis.
The northerly of the two island and has a small lighthouse. It has two wrecks lying on its walls. At the northern most tip of the island lays a large freighter named the Namibia the other is the Aida II an Egyptian supply vessel that struck at night.
There is excellent wall diving all along the southern side of the reef with strong currents promoting the growth of a spectacular forest of soft corals.
Frequent sightings of big pelagics and an astonishing variety of marine life.
A narrow reef table round the island's shore gives way almost immediately to a sheer vertical wall, dropping well past the limits of sport diving.
Absolutely fantastic coral growth begins at the surface and continues
unabated into the depths.
Gorgonians, sea whips, antipatharians and, above all, a wealth of soft corals of every conceivable species flourish in the big currents.
The stony corals are also well represented.
The fish life here is more than impressive, ranging from the tiniest anthias in the shallows to the most impressive sharks in the depths offshore.

Marsa Alam Sataya

This liveaboard route doesn't go very far down South of Marsa Alam because first it goes North of Marsa Alam to dive Elfinstone reef one of the top dive sites in the deep South. You will dive along the south coast of Marsa Alam where some top dive sites like the dolphin dive of Samadai are.

Marin parks route or top of deep south

The marine parks cruises visit all the best dive sites of the deep south like Deadalus; Zabargad; Rocky Island and St. Johns. If you have the opportunity to join one of those itineraries you will dive from one top dive site to another. This liveaboard route has long distances of sailing .
Best time is April till November for weather conditions and May June for pelagics and sharks.

Deep South St.Johns

Starting from Marsa Alam area going South along the coast while diving all the best dive sites of the coast of deep South like the dolphin dive of Samadai all the way down to St. Johns. St. Johns reefs definitely rank among the top dive sites not to be missed in the Red Sea.