Brother Island - Elphinstone - Daedalus

The Brother Island

bdethe tops of two undersea mountains rising from the depth, are located about 50 nautical miles off-shore, near the town of Quseir. Part of the Marine Park, they offer breathtaking underwater scenery, wall diving along their whole perimeter and the possibility to spot a wide variety of pelagics.

Their walls are covered in soft corals of all colours, black corals and forests of fan corals creating a true feast for the eyes. Big tuna, shoals of jack fish and snappers cruise in the blue accompanied by hammerhead, grey reef, silver-tip, silky and oceanic white-tip sharks and mantas. The thresher shark, an oceanic species, very rarely spotted close to reefs, circles the walls of the Brothers on a regular basis. The huge and spectacular moonfish can also be observed near the reefs

The Aida II, an Egyptian supply vessel and the Numibia, a cargo ship, lie on the walls of the Big Brother. They are covered in soft and hard corals and they are a real treat.

Elphinstone Reef

Enjoy the majesty of the off-shore reefs and the splendour of the coastal ones. The shear walls of Elphinstone Reef plunge steeply into the blue richly decorated with soft and fan corals. The north plateau is home to schooling hammerhead and grey reef sharks with frequent sightings of oceanic white-tip sharks. sponges, gorgonians and fans. Sharks often swim by the spot to feed on the abundant reef fish population.
Elphinstone is definitely a world-class dive site.

Daedalus Reef

also part of the Marine Park, is the most off-shore of all the reefs in the Egyptian Red Sea. It is a big oval reef with a lighthouse and its perimeter of walls offers some of the most stunning diving in the Red Sea. Typical of Daedalus are its huge and pristine hard coral formations and the possibility to spot schooling hammerheads. Thresher sharks, mantas and whale sharks can also be spotted here.